He deserves to be in the category of top East African Music artists. He has been in the game since 2012, and since the beggining, the Aje hit-maker has not yet shown any signs of depriving. He is accelerating upwards in a such constant speed, mantaining both social and music status. Music artists comes and go, but Richie is still relavant on the race. 

Dogo Richie inside Radio Citizen

From KTN Baseline, NTV to Citizen MsetoEa among other top Kenyan television music shows, everyday you will watch atleast one of Dogo Richie's music singles. To the world of radios, its undeniable to say that he is among the top music artists who will be always holding the top 10 lists of best Kenyan music artists. He is still among the top music artists whom many would like to do colloboration with. Not leaving behind the fact that he is depending music 100% as his income. Music is his office, despite of all challenges the music star is fighting against all odds to bring bread on top of his young family's table due to music. 

Dogo Richie on behind the scene image of his videos.

The reason why am saying he is among the top EA music artists is, Tanzanian media has been playing his all hits thanks to the confusion that most of Tanzanians thinks he is from Mwanza Tanzania. Talking to our news table, one of Tanzanian radio presenters known as Spesho Mtanzania, says most Tanzanian media mistaken Dogo Richie to one of them. 
Spesho Mtanzania(Radio Presenter) Swahiba FM Zanzibar.

His music stage names also transverse and push Tanzanian fans to think he related with either Dogo Aslay or Richie Mavoko two Tanzanian super stars of all time. So whenever he releases music, it circulates easily on both Tanzanian mainstream media and all online platforms. Hitching and stacking on top music charts.

Dogo Richie performing onstage

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