He is one of the few music artists from the Kenyan coast music arena who have been surviving music challenges for long. Apart from Chikuzee, Dogo Richie, Susumila and a few others who have been representing the Kenyan coast music, Dully can't be left out of this realm. He has been doing amazing work, great archievements for years with some of his top Collaborations with his fellow artists including Noti Flow a binding Kenyan female rapper.

Dully Melody with Tanzanian super star Official Tunda.

Dully Melody is following the steps of Alikiba, his number one role model of all time. Infact the music style he is always using is just like that of the King of Bongo flava. For years he has been representing Kenyan coast music scene with a vibrant perfomance. Dully Melody is now planning to release new music hit, in the course of this week.

Behind the Scene images of (Sham Sham music video).

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