Jay (Centre) with presenters Trishes & Dj phekt  of FM 4 during one of his media tour.

The human rights activists and hip hop legendary who started his music career in Mombasa many years ago, is daring abroad with his magnifient poetry talent. Jay who is now based in Kötschach Mauthen Kärnten
Austria, has been representing the Kenyan flag in matters concerning both poetry/HipHop and humanitary activism.

Jay with the Austrian chancellor Sebastian kurz.

Also Jay has been gracing major music stages including the vienna Hiphop show, which is a major Austria's hip hop music platform to hip hop music artist across Austria. Jay who also is still active on matters concerning human rights activities. Due to his his hard work, the star has been getting invites from top government officials including the Austrian chancellor Sebastian kurz.

Jay perfoming on the vienna Hiphop show back in Austria.

Which has made his name a house hold artic as far as hop music is concerened. But this week, the star is yet to release his new debut hit known as Gang star BIG' featuring a female Music super star from Austria known as Ann-Maria. 

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