Its another beautiful day that God has given unto us, today we a blessed having on our guest table one of the most celebrated Kenyan video director. And just incase its first you are meeting him, don't worry because he is here to introduce himself via our EaBana news desk. 

Editor: To our guest, I know its first time we do host you here, so lets start with your names brother. 

Director O: My name is Samuel Oduor 
My artistic name is Director O, I had used several  names before I came to this ,back in highschool I was called Chicarito ,it always felt  weird because it sounds so, then after highschool I got the name Czar because I was told I looked like the Kenyan artist back then known by his track ''Amka ukatike''. 

Editor: Where did the name Director O came about?

Director O: Director came up after some time in adulthood and I needed a brand name,thus I picked the most dominant letters in my name that's O and made Director O out of it.

Editor: Your life for the past 10 years has been revolving around artists. Working, hanging out and sharing ideas with them. How does you define art?

Director O: Art is a form of expression, art is a way of life and more so art is a unifying factor and the easiest way to bring people to hear you out, I use art for all the above and that's why art is important to me. I am a film maker,we can say a visual artist,and I have been in the art for 10years now.

Editor: What drives you to have passion towards art? And how do you use your career to change the society positively?

Director O: My art attempt to create change, I deal mostly with human interest stories ,where persons with disability get to share their wins, their challenges and their opinion on how they wish their rights could be and I also highlight on the importance of taking care of children with disability  also the less fortunate in both urban and marginalised communities.

Editor: How do you feel having the ability and talent to direct creating  stories via films.

Director O: That joy of bringing dreams into reality, creating films from scratch ideas to completion, seeing the smiles on the faces of my clients and interviewees, that's more than my driving factor.

Editor: It seems that you have sense of humour towards working on a health enviroment.

Director O: Yeah I see,  at creation  always advice my team to leave the place we are working on cleaner than they found it. Recycling of plastic bottles to come up with beautiful sets for my work when designing sets and joining clean up days back in the town I grew up
I think art can affect socio-cultural and political change, since art is a unifying form of communication, it is easier to send a message to a larger mass through use of art ,be it painting ,music,film ,fashion and so forth.

Editor: Tell us more about your journey as a video director.

Director O: The journey has been quite tough, but I have risen to work with some of the biggest brands in the country, I have worked with KBCtv as a camera operator ,and director, worked on documentaries for NAYA Kenya, KBC Living legends , Juliani, Kidis, Gilad, Wendy Kimani on music videos as the Director. 
Editor: What is your bigest achievement in this industry?

Director O: My achievement is am having my own label known as 1900 films that is still growing, but I do believe with time it will massively grow up to be a huge brand in the near future.
Editor: What is your last words as we do wind up.

Director O: I have learnt alot in this career. One no mentor is permanent ,they all leave at some point. Two there is nothing for free, only knowledge can be shared freely but anything else is up to you.
Three, clients are just clients and if you put emotions to it you'll get ulcers in return.
Four, be happy in all situations ,they are all lessons and part of life 
What don't you know about me, that I'd like you to know? Well there's lots of things ,my entire life is a series on its own.

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