Chelsea boss Frank Lampard insists he will never follow Jose Mourinho in managing both Chelsea and Tottenham as he ruled out any possibility of taking charge at the north London club.

Mourinho made a vow in 2015 that he would never take over at Tottenham due to his affection with Chelsea - only to go back on his word as he took the Spurs job on Wednesday.

Lampard, who revealed the pair shared a few messages following Mourinho's appointment as Mauricio Pochettino's successor, is ready to be quoted on his own vow in 10 years' time.

'I can firmly say no, and you can replay that in 10 years,' he said. 'It wouldn't happen.'

When asked whether Mourinho's decision is a mark of disrespect to a supporter base who saw him lift three Premier League titles at Stamford Bridge, Lampard played down the idea of animosity.
'Mourinho has worked at a lot of clubs and you have to respect his right to work,' he added.

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