Kaligraph jones old styles
Kaligraph Jones shares his 05 moments. PHOTO |BNC

Kenyan rapper and superstar  Kaligraph Jones shares how he started his music all the way back in 2010. He gave insights into his first getto show.

" People could not believe that I could rap like international superstars at a getto crowd." 

" Some looked at me a thug, gangster or something else. I could just rap using freestyle methods. Meaning,  something available could make lyrics, " he said.

" Look at the pictures...... Nothing is impossible if you have you are zealous. This is around 2012, The Night I was Booed off stage cause The crowd didn’t believe that a Kenyan Rapper could rap so Good, They thought I was performing Eminem and Jay-z Songs smh, The OG shall be respected." He concluded.

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