Ann-Maria during studio session

East Africa Bana Entertainment news website, has been for a couple of years promoting artists across Africa. But yet due to some of our African artists are expanding their music niche and working with international stars from Europe and so on,  we don't have otherwise but to identify and bring unto limelight these artists so as our rich African fans to be enabled to celebrate and enjoy the improvement and growth of our African Music ecology. Today on our news desk, is Austria young Music artist Ann Maria, who has at hand a single music project with our very own music star Jay.

Ann-Maria with Autria based Kenyan Music star Jay.

Editor: Welcome to our Celeb segment, the whole of Africa is listining unto you now. Lets start with your name please, in full I mean.

Ann-Maria: My name is Anna-Maria Klammer and I am 20 years old. I live in a small village in Carinthia, Austria.

Editor: Ann-Maria, its pleasure to know you, so tell us how did you get yourself into the music world?

Ann-Maria: Ever since I was a child if I can remember I  used to like playing music. Even before elementary school I learned how to play the guitar, then later I started developing interest in the saxophon and the piano as well. I did went ahead and trained how to play these music intruments hence I become a pro at a very early stage. 

Editor: What inspired  you into music?

Ann-Maria: I think I was born with an inbuilt special music talent in me. My family kept their strong believe in me. They gave me maximum support hence it was an easy task for me to achieve my dream and quench the thirst and my passion to be a profassional musician. 

Ann-Maria with Jay on behind the scene shot of Gangsta lovin Music.

Editor: Do you think you are meeting some of your dreams as a music artist, now that you say your family is giving you a maximum support?

Ann-Maria: (Smiling) Yeah- I took part in many music competitions across the country, most of them with my guitar. On the long run I have been winning a couple of prizes and am having a great time in my music career. I love to play in front of others to show what I got, but I also love to play and record music with other music stars hence the reason I did the ''Gangsta Lovin'' single with Jay.

Editor: How did you manage school work and music life at ago now that you say you started this career at aerly stage?

Ann-Maria:  Music is a call, I did find it easy to balance between school work and music since I had time for both and even now am still using that trick. I didn't want neither of it to subbotage each other, but to combine both to obtain a perfect matct out of me. Like in secondary school where I used to play music with some friends after school.

Editor: As we do conclude, what do you do during your leisure time?

Ann-Maria: In my leisure time I like to go out with friends and have a good time.
Currently I am still focusing on my education and exams but I am sure to keep an eye on my musical career.

Editor: Any parting shot?

Ann-Maria: I would like to thank East Africa Bana Entertainment news website for recognising my music talent, second I want to say thank to fellow Music artist Jay for introducing me unto you. Last but not least to my family and friends am humbled for your daily support. I do really appreciate and please we have new hit song coming...please we need your maximum support.

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