Dear readers, welcome to our EaBana's blog Inspirational segment. Today on the seat is a Japan's based Kenyan online motivational Speaker and a teacher by proffession, Benjamin Bogonko. He is here to inspire us through his long journey to success. What is the secret behind his motive as motivastional speaker? To get the actually answer of this question, please lets move together step by step on this interview.

Changez Ndzai: Hello brother Benjamin Bogonko, welcome to our Inspiration segment.

Benjamin Bogonko: Thank you and its my pleasure to be here.

Changez Ndzai: So lets start,  for those who are reading or hearing you at the first time, who is Benjamin Bogonko and which part of Kenya excatly are you coming from?

Benjamin Bogonko: Oooh! I am Benjamin Bogonko, a qualified teacher by proffession based in Japan but am a Kenyan citizen from the Western part of Kenya prisicely in Kitale.

Changez Ndzai: Tell us more about your early life in Kenya before travelling abroad to Japan.

Benjamin Bogonko: As I have told you earlier, I started working as a teacher for three years in Lodwar, first as a B.O.G (Board Of Governance) teacher then after one year the government employed me.

Changez Ndzai: What were the challenges you faced during your early days before getting attached and employed as a teacher in Lodwar?

Benjamin Bogonko: Like any other Kenyan youth, after finishing university I started hustling for a job, I recall travelling to Nairobi and stayed with my cousin who was living at Kawangware and I tamarcked for a job for two weeks duration time only and I gave up since most of the schools which  I visited and dropped my CV's could not accomodate me. Funny enough even the gatemen in the schools some were telling me openly that there was no chance for me to be employed as a teacher.

Changez Ndzai:  Keep on going brother....

Benjamin Bogonko: After that I decided to return back home in Kitale where I searched for a job in thirty schools, leaving behind (30) copies of my CVs to each one of the schools but not even a single one did opened its door for me. Infact one of the school which was a girls school, its Headteacher who was an Indian lady told me that since I was young and unmarried I could not get a chance there since I was going to get attracted to the students hence cause disaster in future. 

Changez Ndzai: How did you end up in Lodwar many miles away from your home town? (Kitale).

Benjamin Bogonko: I was advised by one oldman to search for a job in the remote areas, hence I travelled to Lodwar where one of my cousins was living and working there. I hustled for a job for one month, dropping my CV's to several schools. Then one of these school a Catholic oriented school led by a european Headteacher, happed that it took me in as a B.O.G teacher for a one year then the second year I was employed by the government.

Changez Ndzai: When did you know that you were good in motivating people through online motivational speaking platforms?

Benjamin Bogonko: After coming to Japan where am still working as a teacher, I realised that a teacher can also inspire students and other people via Inspiration talk. So I started slowly through facebook as a solo Speaker but after seeing that I was gaining massive follow up I started inviting guests on my shows and broadcast it through facebook live and later YouTube channel and podcast later.

Changez Ndzai: I did saw that you won an Award (Dear Award) tell us more about this Award.

Benjamin Bogonko: I thank God for as far He has brought me here. I won the 2019 ''Dear Award'' as the Best INT'L online radio/Tv personality of the year. The award shows how my effort is positivetly impacting thousands of people across the world, infact if its were not them I would not emerge to be the winner. I dedicate this award to all my fans across the world.

Changez Ndzai: As we do wind up, what is your message to your fans across the world?

Benjamin Bagonko: God first, hardwork pays. One should not give up, should fight hard to see his/her success another day. God rewards those who put faith in Him. Thank you for EaBana for giving this luractive interview am deeply humbled.

Benjamin holding certificate & the ''Dear award'' trophy.

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