The Kenyan coast gospel music artists for years have been on the fore front taking gospel music to the world. With artists like Marion Shako, Mercy D Lai and many others who for over the decades have been releasing pure worship and praising songs which it appears have been taking over across the world and put Kenya gospel music to the world map. But the gospel music Scene turned a new leaf with artists like Bahati and Willy Paul among others brought contradictions upon it that most of believers losed faith in our Kenyan gospel music. 

Paul Tsuma while perfoming live on stage.

But now, from the Kenyan coast, Paul Tsuma a binding new music artist, who is doing pure gospel and worship songs is reviving the Kenyan gospel music with songs like Imani Kuu among others. The rising star who is based in Mombasa told EaBana that he is looking forward to make more worship and praising songs which will touch and redeem more people back to the Almighty God. Paul Tsuma is now planning to record his new music here in Nairobi in one of the most flymboyant and top music recording lebel just to get good results of high quality music and videos in the near future.


  1. Truly, it's heartwarming listening to Tsuma's worship songs. He inspires my son, Carwyn, who yearns for more. Carwyn insists Tamaa album should not be kept away from the deck. May God bless this lad.


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