Despite of the range commotion and challenges day in day out towards music industry, Richie has been standing out to be one of the toughtiest musicians in East Africa. 
Most of his fellow artists, whom they were raised together via Jungle Masters recording studio in Mombasa in the likes of Sudi Boy, Majid Kulekule, Neto and many others are either struggling or has lost hope in music but on his side Dogo Richie is surviving day in day out with new music hits always mesmirising on Kenyan radio music charts.

Dogo Richie with his fans

These are the two pillars which Richie Ree is using to mentain his legancy and remains relavant in the industry till now.

1. He is humble.

Richie is one of the most humble music artist I have ever met. He knows how to talk to people and negotiate. Respect both to his fans, fellow music artists and media personalities makes him gain favours towards the music industry's cake.

Dogo Richie performing on stage. 

2. Business Mindend.

Richie is always out with fresh business ideas. The East Africa ride show, in which he did partner with a popular local pub in Bamburi Mombasa is one of the ideas that saw him making money through his music career. Though many thought he was being used by the leadership of this pub to make it popular but to those who understand music business, Richie was on point. Not only that but he has been working in and out travelling from Lodwar to Tana-River for concerts. Not forgetting that he has been one of the beneficieries of the Blaze (Be your own boss) initiative in which through that he has been performing on its platform across the country. 

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