Rehema aka RemmyRemmy is a top world Kenyan socialite and beauty contestant peagent based in England. She is known across the UK due to her participation on the Afro Euro beauty contest in which she won back in the year 2014. Since then the star has been living life in the UK at the first lane. She travells across Europe, Arab Emirates and the Western world like no other man's business. She is a queen on her own world, she is a true baller and inspiration to tens of thousand followers across her social media platform.

Her hobbie is watching Television, singing, and Dancing. But all in all the beautiful Kenyan socialite says she puts family first before anything. Her fame brings her to the big league of such young beautiful and rich ladies like Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe. Infact since almost all her life unlike Vera and Hudda RemmyRemmy has spent her childhood in land of the queen, she may be leading the game of slaying ahead of Vera and Huddah. Talking via phone to our news desk, RemmyRemmy says though she has lived all her life in England, but she had to take classess in Swahili so as not to loose her rich African culture. Down here are more images about her, enjoy!

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