The Kenyan coast music fraternity is experiencing a massive growth as far as music industry is concerned with the number of female artists thriving up to the top being alarming. In the past few months, we have witnessed the return of big wigs female artists who emerged from the coastal music scenery to the world in the likes of Sanaipei Tande, Jovial and just the other day Legendary music super star and vocalist Nyota Ndogo.

Music artists| Jovial left | Sanipei Tande up right & Nyota Ndogo 

Surely already Tanzanians are flabbergasted by how fast the Kenyan music industry is overtaking them. Though they are still at the top, but there is no debate that they are depending on just a few top artists like Diamond and Aliikiba of which statistics are showing that they need a brief break away from the music scene since their creativity is now expiring with proofs seen out of Diamond Platnumz current status of copy and paste videos and ideas from his fellow artists across the world.

So here we come, Kenya is taking over the game. With fresh ideas and having talented new artists like Adasa whom her vocal capability is compared to Nandy and other top East African female music artists. Adasa has the voice of a flute, she can rise with high keys tones and maintain the quince while the beat is hot and vibrating causing a sweet soothing lullaby to her fans. Only that now what she needs is much support from fans across the the nation. Already she out on quest for support across the boarders via her country wide media tours to various top Kenyan music media including Radio Citizen/Tv, Radio Maisha, Milele Fm, Msenangu FM, Pwani FM among others. Down here enjoy her Nipekeche audio but the video will be out soon. Nipekeche is produced by Emmy Dee one of the legendary music producers in Africa based in Mombasa.

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