For years the Kenyan coast music fraternity has been besieged by the Tanzanians music counterpart  simply because they both use fluent Swahili lyrics to take their message home. Tanzanians though they are still ahead of the game, since they are still owning a strong music fan-base with bigwigs and heavy weight artists like Diamond and Alikiba keep threatening by leading the way to top even the African music scene. But still now their is light for Kenyans thanks for the Coastal based artists whom most of them are doing much great by producing content which is worthy emulation. Here I have a list of some new videos from the Kenyan coast roots music artists which are already shaking the East Africa Industry and even the entire Africa airwaves.

1. GADO By Dogo Richie

2. UJITUME By Ali Mahaba x Akeelah

3. DEAR GOD By Kelechi Africana

4. AIYANA By Otile Brown X Sanaipei

5. SONONA By Susumila X MBOSSO

6. KOLO KOLOLA By Sudi Boy

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