Rising Music Stars Akeelah (Left) & Adasa
East Africa music industry is experiencing a highly increase number in terms of  young and new talented female music artists, with the Kenyan coast only already has injected two highly super mega talented ladies that is Akeelah and Adasa. Akeelah who was introduced for the first time through ATL Music label after they did a collaboration with Ali Mahaba in the song Ujitume which for sure was well received by fans across East Africa music industry. Before that Akeelah was doing song covers of top music stars, something which attracted her producer ShirkoMedia and he called her to do this amazing super hit song with Ali Mahaba, check its video below here.

Ally Mahaba FT. Akeelah - Ujitume {Official Video}

On the other hand Adasa who is under Dallaz music record, is another shinning star with top notch music vocals which most of us and music fans here in East Africa would only think such talents would be found in Bongo land. Adasa from the beginning for those who would have seen her behind the scene video while in studio with her producer one and only legendary Emmy Dee, would come to conclusion that the African queen is another super star in the make. With her new hit and which is introducing her to the world of fame, dubbed Nipekeche which is a Mijikenda word literally means love me, there is no doubt that the starlet is already well received by music fans across East Africa. You can check her new video below here to enjoy the whole vibes.

Adasa-Nipekeche (Official Music Video)

But the question is are these new stars ready to compete with already prevailing female music stars, whom many of them also came from coastal city of Mombasa? With Nyota Ndogo already announced that she is officially back in the music scene in full force. Another superstar Sanaipei Tande is already on top of the world in both of her acting career and music too while Akothee is another giant of a music heavy weight MC. Not Forgetting about Jovial, she is on another level something which means these two talented music stars they have a great homework to carry on. But as they are fighting hard to keep their legs stood deep rooted to the ground, their managements has to know that fans would like to see these artists rising up to the top since already they have proved to the world that they are capable of holding the flag up on behalf of Kenyan music industry. So what is next after this amazing start up? What fans could expect in the near future from these starlets music career? All in all already the Kenyan music industry graph is rising up steadily, since the complains of #PlayKEMusic hashtag campaign back July 2019. Below here are some of the latest music videos of the legendary female music stars who their origin is the Kenyan coast just like Adasa and Akeelah. 

Nyota Ndogo - Je Niwewe (Official Music Video)

Jovial - Tantarira (Official Music Video)

Otile Brown X Sanaipei - Aiyana (Official Video)

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