Today as we celebrate labor day across the world, our news room has invited one of the most promising Germany based but Kenyan song writer and musician Pety Nila. She has been in the game for a while but maybe most of  Kenyans may not have heard of her till early September last year when she released her video ''HOLIDAY'', and that when she raised eyebrows to more Kenyan music fans. But we would like to know much about her and that's why we have done an exclusive interview with her. Here is our conversation with her......

EaBana; Hello Pety Nila, can you describe Pety in few words as part of our introduction. Who is Pety?

Pety Nila: Pety is a Kenyan lady who is determined and hardworking ready to serve his country with all her heart via music.

EaBana: Music, when did you actually started your music career.

Pety Nila: I think its in built talent, I was born a musician. I love music and since I was young I have been singing and loving listening to good music.

EaBana: Most Kenyans love supporting their very own music artists, all these years have you been thinking that one day you would come and entertain Kenyans through your music talent?

Pety Nila: Yeah! I was waiting for the right time to come. I do believe in time keeps traveling, one should be patient and master art first, read time and seasons before venturing into music. So all these years I have been doing music for myself, but now I think the time has come for me to let the world know what am having in my mind, hence I released Holiday that was late last year in November.

EaBana: What was the motive behind the message in the song ''HOLIDAY''?

Pety Nila: Simple, I released the song in a time we were approaching December, so one can guess we were heading towards holiday. The mood was rocking mood hence I came up with the idea of making people feel merry. And that how Holiday all came about.

EaBana: And I see after that you are still gearing up with other projects. Tell us more about your plans in music in the near future. What does the East African audience expect from you.

Pety Nila: Hahah! Am already having new projects at hand, if you visit my YouTube Channel I have Nakupenda and More Love which are already doing good. Though I still need more support from all the corner of our East African music scene. On the other hand my team and I we are planning for major and great work plan which will see me representing Kenya to the world via music. But I cant succeed if am alone, I need the media, I need you fellow Kenyans support and the entire EA community to meet my dream. Please lets come together and make my dream true.

EaBana: Ok any parting short message to your fans before we call it a day.

Pety Nila: After all, I want to thank all my fans, the media houses which are already supporting my work. Am still looking forward to gain more fans and followers through out this journey. I know I will not let you down, keep supporting my music and I salute you all.


  1. Always shining dear...always the best artist have ever met...keep shining.....


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