The new music recording studio is the solution to many young music artists across East Africa whom may be having dreams of becoming super stars, but they have been lacking the opportunity to record music. Tamian music empire is working on the solution for every artist they will be working with by doing what many recording studios CURRENTLY are finding it hard to do. One of the biggest challenge most talented artist have been facing over the years, is to how they could distribute, market and promoting their work hence to make it big in the game. Tamian music empire has done a thorough research on this and the results is 99% of artists has the potential and are able to record music but the main challenge they have has been how to make that music products reach wider audience via media houses and other related agencies.

This is the reason why Tamian Music Empire is here to give all the music artists the chance to enjoy their effort and fruits of their hard work by not only giving them a chance to record music, but to manage them. Artists who will be assigned under Tamian Music Empire, will get a direct ticket that means everything will be catered for including marketing, music distribution to media house, getting media interviews, included in Tamian Music Entire concerts and major activities across East Africa that is Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Tamian Music Empire is already working hard to make sure that even our music producers are the best and since we are giving chance to all East African youths whom are talented our Tamian team is making sure that the quality of music would be producing will be of world class. Not forgetting linking artists with companies and win endorsements hence becoming brand ambassadors. Tamian production is also openly working with individuals who wants to produce TV/Radio overdrops and so on.


CALL- 0770900638 OR 0799244539 OR 0706632406

Facebook - Tamian Musiq

Insta- Tamian_productions

 Location of our studio is Donholm Green Span Mall.

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