The kenyan coast is out again breeding yet another species of extremely super talented music star. Adasa is already pulling out audience unto her territory, she is amazing blessed with both high standards of writing music lyrics and angelic vocals with natural inborn output. Which makes her to stand out as one of the Kenyan artists to be watched as she is rising up to stardom. One thing she has which is not easily found inside many music artists, is she is capable of performing with live band. This is the reason why now she is signed under Dallaz Records, a lebel which is based at the Kenyan coast.

Adasa is already sailing on the top notch of the East African music industry scene, with her recent interview at BBC radio opened a new wave to another level of audience across Africa. This is the reason why she is the talk of the day till now, since yesterday she released another hit song know as Mahaba niue which is trending across the Kenyan radio airwaves. You can enjoy the new music hit down here.

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