Ladies and gentlemen, in life many people passes through difficult moments due to different issues that's most of us always we do give up and loose hope of rising again in life. But in the mean time, there those guys who do fight tooth and nail to go against odds to rise to rise up to gracious life that inspires the members of the public. Talking of such people today here at East Africa Bana Celebrity corner, we are hosting B- Classic who is ready to share with us his journey in life which is full adventure mixed with the up and downs that has seen him undergoing pain and tears but in the end, there is a green-light as his music talent is now opening a bright future ahead. Let's hear about his amazing story, which will live you inspired, entertained and educated too.

EA-Bana: It's our pleasure to have you here brother, so let's begin by giving us your actually name.

B-Classic: Hi, thank you Ea Bana for this amazing opportunity...Ok, my biological name is Dennis Manja born and raised in Taveta, so in short am coming from the Kenyan coast county 006 which is also bordering our neighboring country Tanzania in the South.

EA-Bana: Tell us more about your childhood life, your family that is your parents and siblings. Our audience would like to know more about them.

B-Classic: Hahaa, Mhh- My family story is about scaring......Eeish, since my dear mother parted way with me when I was very young. So in short I can't even remember her face. So just like any other street children, I grew up in the street fighting for survival with other street children. About siblings, I don't any other siblings so I can consider myself as a loner.

EA-Bana: Tell us more about your street life.......

B-Classic: Life in the street was not that favorable, I remember we had to fight for cabbage food with other children and if you were not that strong one could go hungry for several days because there is no one to help you and our fellow children were ruthless. The fight here was not for fresh food, no... keep in my that that  this is something dumped in a dump-site its food which had gone bad or sometimes if one get lucky enough  could work for these small restaurants. Doing odd jobs like fetch water, washing utensil such a like small jobs but at the end we are given at least the leftovers to take away with us as dividends for the jobs.

EA-Bana: Continue.....give us more shades.......

B-Classic: It went on this way for years, until one day a good Samaritan came for my aid. She was a Somali lady who was touched by my life. She felt pathetic for me and she decided to take me into her accommodation. For the first time in life I saw the light of hope. I knew the pain and suffering at the street was over. She was too good for me and she took care of me as if I were her only child.

EA-Bana: So one day God answered your prayers...and now you are living with Somali lady. Waah this is amazing. Yes then what happened.....

B-Classic: Yeah - We lived together for quite sometime, but unfortunately some things came up and we did part ways with her too.

EA-Bana: You parted way with the good Samaritan too?.....That so heartbreaking, tell us more, so what happened next?

B-Classic: I decided to travel down to Mombasa, many miles away from home Taveta to such for green pastures.

EA-Bana: So after you left out of the Somali lady's residence, you made your mind to travel to Mombasa. I guess you had a dream of getting a nice job there....tell us more about you adventure in Mombasa.

B-Classic: I arrived in Mombasa safely, so I immidietly started hustling for a job. After hustling for some few days, I was lucky enough to secure a job as a herdsman in one of the homesteads there. So I worked their looking after cows, grazing and milking for ten months without pay. Only that they were providing me with a place to sleep and food that's all.

EA-Bana: So now you have traveled to Mombasa, you have secured a job but after ten months of hardworking days and there is no even a single pay......What did you do, did it hurt you?

B-Classic: Yeah! I felt disappointed, I decide to quit the job. So I moved out of the homestead and searched for another job in town. It never took me long, I just got another job in a small restaurant and just as it happened back in Taveta here too they gave me food as my payment.

EA-Bana: So did you knew that you talented in music?

B-Classic: I knew it from the beginning, I used to sing when I felt lonely. But it didn't put across that I would one day get a chance to write and record music. But the new friends I was hanging with kept the push and hence the reason I got the urge to start composing my very own music. That's how I ended up in studio and finally God answered my prayers. Someone saw my talent and decided to invest on it, and here I am today...

EA-Bana: That's so touching bro any parting short words to your fans....

B-Classic: I want to tell them that, without there support I will never go far. I need them to make sure my dreams are coming true. Music is my only hope for now.....and thank you for Champion's studio and the entire management team for believing in my dream and their bold move to invest in me. I do salute them and I promise not to let them down for sure.



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